Spiral Journey Ring (Adjustable)

Spiral Journey Ring (Adjustable)

SKU: r-160


A perfect accent for your summer! This turquoise color almost glows on your hand. 24k gold leaf is hand swirled into the clay. The spiral is a powerful spiritual symbol that has had so many special meanings since the beginning of civilization. 


spiral represents: the journey and change of life as it unfolds, growth, evolution, female energy, fertility 



oval shape: 5/8" wide, 7/8" long

fits ring size 6-10



Focal cabachon is turquoise colored hand blended polymer clay. Spiral is 24k gold leaf. Each one will vary due to being handmade. Protected with gloss finish. Ring is 24k gold plated brass, oval shape on top is 24k gold plated pewter. Made in USA. 

  • Jewelry Care

    Wears well for normal hand washing. Remove for prolonged water use like washing dishes and shower. Keep in cool dry place when not wearing.

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