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Artful Customers  :)


My name is Laura Christensen. I live San Diego, CA and I love to create art and craft with my hands. I work in many mediums. As a long time artist you will find me hiking the local trails taking hundreds of photos finding inspiration in natural surroundings, from roaming our amazing coast in awe of every shell or picking up broken glass in the street, just because it has so much potential. Recently I've enjoyed lino printing and gelli printing. The possibility for techniques  are endless and are a great vehicle to express my mind's eye.

While my father is an Architect who taught me the lessons of good design, my mother taught me to craft for life. She is an Alaska native (Unangan) from Unalaska. I find lino prints are a great medium for Unangan themed scenes. My hertitage speaks loudly to me when I create, and my work is often tribal flavored in nature with a Californian feel.

My goal is to live my life artfully, to be true to the making of what I create, and continue searching for and telling my story. 




I use a variety of materials including leather, metals, polymer clay, wire, resin, glass and enamel. All mediums are chosen thoughtfully for their structural qualities and accentuate their artistic qualities whenever possible. Capturing the moments of these qualities is when a piece is most beautiful!

All components used are also chosen with great conscience. Made is USA whenever possible and lead and nickel free. 




As a breast cancer survivor my direction in life became more focused and made me aware of of what's most important to me.  When going through chemo I always kept my clay nearby to keep my mind and hands busy as I recovered. The simple act of creating made me feel empowered. I wear a lotus shaped ring on my right thumb to remind myself of this everyday, and stamp each of the polymer clay pieces with it as my signature. It represents self regeneration and rebirth.  I love to make lotus themed jewelry whenever possible.


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