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5"x7" Lino Print Card Ayagax (Blue Ombre)

5"x7" Lino Print Card Ayagax (Blue Ombre)


This print is a tribute to the amazing native women  of the Aleutian Islands. 'Ayagax' is the Unangan word for woman or wife. Throughout history, they have been and continue to be the glue that holds families together.  Their strength and resilience are undeniable.


My thoughts when making this design were about the heartache and stuggle women have endured  since Russian contact in the 1700's up to my family having to leave their home in Unalaska during WWII when the Japanese bombed the islands.  This young Ayagax is youthful and tired, realizing her challenges.  My generation and my daughter's generation see her as a hero and teacher, someone to aspire to be.


This card is an artistic interpretation. Please note, the ink characteristics are intended to have a raw and rustic look. This is the style of the print, showing authenticity as a hand printed piece. Card size  is  5" x 7". Comes with envelope, description on back and compostable protective bag.

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